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Pictures on Canvas

Posted on May 20, 2017 in Home

Canvas prints can add a unique touch to every room, starting from your personal bedroom to the coffee shop around the block. These prints allow you to display any design or photo on the walls, solely by printing and mounting it on canvas. But, why should you choose pictures on canvas instead of going with the traditional paintings?

1.     Canvas Prints Can Fit with the Room

Before printing out a random photo, look for one that fits the room’s design. However, if you want a personalized photo and the one you chose does not quite go together with the room, you can always frame the canvas into a suitable frame. Most canvas prints can be framed into a variety of frames, so take the time to make your choice.

2.     Canvas Prints Come in Many Sizes

Unlike finished, painted photographs, canvas prints come in many sizes. The traditional sizes are 8×10, 11×14, 18×24 and 24×36. However, the beauty of choosing canvas prints lies in the fact that you can order extremely large photos that cover the majority of an empty wall, or customized sizes that will fit a place you could not fill otherwise.

3.     Canvas Prints Can Be Grouped

If you want to achieve trendy effect, you can group photos on one or several canvases. The key to this is to plan the appearance of the grouping once you display it on the wall.

4.     Canvas Prints are Not Limited to Your Camera Photos

The fact that you can print out anything you want on canvas is perhaps the biggest advantage of choosing this type of painting. This will let you express yourself and display photos of every resolution, including custom photos, scanned old family photos, wedding and birthday photos, your child’s artwork etc.

5.     Canvas Prints are a Great Gift

If you do not know what to buy as a gift, canvas prints are a great idea of a personalized gift. These give a unique touch to every room, including the rooms in the home and the office. And most importantly, you can print on canvas for every occasion, which makes it the perfect gift for any situation.

6.     Canvas Prints are Cost-Effective

Traditional method of printing on paper or painting will require matting, time and expensive frames. On the other hand, canvas prints do not cost a small fortune, but present a cost-effective way to place your photos on the wall and achieve amazing effects.

7.     Canvas Prints offer Flexibility

Traditional paintings are not very flexible to position since they can often be obstructed by reflection or glare. You will not have this problem with canvas prints. If you choose canvas prints for your home or office, you can position it without thinking about specific lighting, glare or reflection.

Now that you know why canvas prints are the best idea for your walls, it is time to get started with the planning! Pick your favorite photos and let us do our magic! Once we are done, you can enjoy high-quality prints that last for years to come.