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Do people really show interest in knowing their favorite celebrity’s financial status?

Posted on June 2, 2017 in News

Believe it or not, these days, fans of athletes are much more interested to know about the sportsman’s financial aspects more than his abilities or skills. The money that these sportsmen make is considered important than how they play while on the field.

Do you know how much money Dennis Lee made in his last basketball match that he played? Do you know how much is Tony Steven Casillas worth today? How much money do cricketers make in every IPL match? These are some of the questions that you may hear sports lovers discussing. Websites like celebritynetworth.wiki offer all the interesting details about celebrities that people are interested in knowing.

Demand for talent increases celebrity’s value

These sportsmen, film stars and other celebrities make so much money because people around the world love sports as well as films. Everyone looks at these individuals as a source of entertainment. They will keep on making huge profits until there is a demand for their talent.

For example, Hollywood-based studies would be willing to pay more than $20 million to Tom Cruise as his fees for any movie. This amount is not paid because producers love him; this is paid because he’s a global superstar. He has the ability to attract millions of movie lovers towards theaters. This results in a huge amount of profit for studios.

In fact, his fees might prove to be a small amount after looking at the worldwide box office collection figures for his films.

It would be extremely logical if people show the same desperation to know the salaries of politicians or even to know how the government spends taxpayers’ money. This would be logical because government spends public’s money everywhere. But, unfortunately, people do not have any say in the same as most of the indirect and direct taxes are directly deducted from the salary.

Same goes when it comes to salaries of corporate executives. Company’s shareholders discussing the top executive’s salary makes sense. But, just like in the case of politicians, small shareholders cannot do much about executive’s salary. Still, people show a lot of interest in salary earned by top executives as well. Even non-stake holders show a lot of curiosity.